Saturday, February 16, 2008

Soren's famous Brazilian Kick in Episode 5

It is famously known as Brazilian kicks but Muay Thai gyms teach it too. I suppose it is a different variation of Muay Thai Roundhouse kicks. K-1 commentators generally regard this as a "Brazilian Kick". Glaube Feitosa is pretty famous for knock-outs with this technique.

Here's a good tutorial on it:

The difference between the "Brazilian Kick" and the typical Muay Thai roundhouse is that the Brazilian Kick uses power more from the lower part of the leg than the hips. I believe the effectiveness of a kick like this would depend not only on technique but also the weight of the leg. Well, whether it is truely Muay Thai or not, this kick looks pretty lethal.


Anonymous said...

this kicks exists in muay thai. It is not in the mae mai muay thai but the technic exists. In the muay thai chaiya style for example, there is a few kicks which uses this technique.

Anonymous said...

hello! could you please be so kind and post up episode 6? i've been going to your site since wed to check if it's up..haha pleaseee!! i'm sure other fans feel the same way too! =)

Anonymous said...

This Website is the time episode 6 is up, you would have been able to download episode 16 from other sies